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Chris Aranda and his team at Pipeworks are experienced in servicing a wide range of HVAC systems including mini-splits. Routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or complete system design and installation, we deliver outstanding service and professionalism to ensure that your cooling system operates at peak efficiency. Our air conditioning system experts are ready to answer any question you might have about a new or existing cooling system. Call us to book a service call today and prepare your cooling system for the summer heat! 

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Cooling Services

  • Air Conditioning Installation & Repair
  • Mini Split Systems
  • Air Filtration
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Home inspections

What are the 3 types of air conditioning systems?

There are three main types that you can choose from for your air conditioning system:

Split System: A split system has two separate components, one located inside the building and one located outside. The indoor component contains the evaporator coil and the blower fan, while the outdoor component contains the condenser coil and the compressor of the AC system.

Window Unit: A window air conditioner is a single unit that is installed in a window or a wall opening. It contains both the evaporator and condenser coils, as well as the blower fan and compressor, all in one unit.

Central Air Conditioning: A central AC unit is a system that cools the entire building using a central unit that is located outside the building. The central unit is connected to air ducts that distribute cool air throughout the building.

The advantages and disadvantages of each of these AC systems vary. Choosing the type of system that works best for you will depend on your specific needs and circumstances. Contact our Pipeworks Plumbing air conditioning experts and schedule an appointment today to find out which air conditioning system is best for your home or business.

Not sure what size of air conditioning unit you need for your home?

The size of the air conditioning unit best for your space depends on several factors:

Square footage: The size of your home or business is the most important factor in determining the size of the AC unit you need. Larger homes require larger units to be cooled efficiently and smaller homes can use a medium to small unit.

Insulation: The level of insulation in your home will affect the size of the unit you need, as well-insulated homes typically require smaller units because it retains the cool air longer. Homes that are not well-insulated will benefit from a larger unit to keep your home cool.

Number of windows: The number and size of windows in your home can affect the amount of heat that enters, which will affect the size of the unit you need.

Ceiling height: The height of your ceilings can also affect the amount of heat in your home, which will impact the size of the unit you need.

Climate: The climate you live in will also affect the size of the unit you need. For example, homes in hotter climates typically require larger units and climates that are cooler on average can be comfortable with smaller units.

To determine the exact size of the air conditioning unit you need for your home, it’s best to consult with our HVAC experts at Pipeworks. We can perform a load calculation, which will take into account all of the factors listed above, to determine the exact size of the unit that’s right for your home.

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